11:00 am
Dress is casual but tasteful,
T-shirts and jeans are OK!
Childcare is provided. 
We seek to build a multi-ethnic community that values compassion, generosity, and humility above power, wealth, and prestige.  We envision a time when those who have little will worship and serve beside those who have much, each recognizing that their worth and significance are found in Christ alone.  (Phil 2:5-8, 1 Cor 1:26-31) 


For (built Mid-60s)___ Years church originally located at 1821 Meadowview was a Chinese church. In 19__ Pastor Daniel came staff as the Youth Pastor. He served faithfully in this position until —– When the original church relocated to Elk Grove. Pastor Daniel, felt called to stay. His time at Meadowview had grown in him a heart for the local community.  The Spirit was at work in him to start a church with a diverse congregation that matched the neighborhood. In 2003 and 2004 he worked with a core group of church planters who planned and raised funds, allowing them to purchase the property. On January 2005, New Hope Community Church open its doors for the first time.

The dream to diversify was slow going. Going door to door inviting the community to church and claiming you weren’t a Chinese only church, when your planting team is primarily all Chinese is confusing. But eventually, the love of Christ, as it always will, bought us together.    


Pastor Daniel resides in the Meadowview area where he shares a home with two dogs, two cats, two turtles, a pond full of fish, and, oh yeah, . . . one beautiful wife and three amazing kids.  Aside from being an avid animal lover, he is also a gifted musician. Most Sundays will find him rocking out on the drums during worship before preaching the weekly sermon. There is very little pretense to Pastor Daniel. The same man you meet in the pulpit is the same one you will meet in the supermarket. Quick to laugh and full of joy, he puts you at ease and much of the “come as you are” presence that can be experienced at New Hope can be attributed to the easy grace he has with himself and others.


Daniel holds a Masters of Divinity from Golden Gate Theological Seminary. His call is to bring people to Christ and grow them as disciples.